How easy are you to find?

Malalta exists to make it easy for customers find your website.

Everyday we do this for businesses just like yours by making your website more user friendly for humans and more user friendly for search engines.

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You already know you should be on social...

...but you’re flat out making your business run.

Malata has a small team dedicated to social media management and on-point content creation.

We work closely with you to get a clear idea of your target audience. Then we set about creating captivating images, videos, and posts on whatever schedule you like.

It's been a while since you launched your site...

It looked amazing on day one, but things evolve on the web. Fast. You know it needs a tune up (you've even got ideas) but it's one more thing on an already long list...

Every day Malalta’s in-house designers & developers work with the latest UI trends and emerging tech. Staying on top of this stuff is our business – let us handle it for you so you can focus on building yours.

So who is Malalta?

Malalta is a small team of developers, creatives, marketers, and all-round digital natives.

We come from Australia, Brazil and Jamaica. We value diversity and equality. We sweat the details until it pops...

And we ❤️ the internet.